Convert MATLAB figure or axes into a Steno3D Project

project = steno3d.convert(handle) converts the figure or axes HANDLE to PROJECT, a Steno3D Project or list of Projects.

project = steno3d.convert(..., parameter, value) converts the figure or axes handle using the given parameter/value pairs. Available parameters are:

CombineAxes: true or false (default: true)
If HANDLE is a figure with multiple axes and CombineAxes is false, a separate project will be created for each axes. If HANDLE is a figure with multiple axes and CombineAxes is true, the contents of all axes will be added to one project. If HANDLE is an axes or a figure with one axes, CombineAxes has no effect.
CombineResources: true or false (default: true)
If CombineResources is false, every MATLAB graphics object encountered will produce a separate Steno3D Resource. If CombineResources is true, this function attempts to combine similar graphics objects into single Steno3D Resources. This includes combining multiple data sets with identical underlying geometry and appending similar resources with the same data titles (or no data). Although this parameter exists, it is recommended to build resources carefully using the Steno3D plotting rather than relying on correct conversion of MATLAB graphics.

Supported MATLAB graphics types include contour, group, image, line, patch, scatter, and surface. These cover the majority of MATLAB builtin plotting functions. Currently, unsupported MATLAB graphics types include polaraxes, transform, area, bar, errorbar, quiver, stair, stem, rectangle, text, light, and function objects.

Additionally, not all properties of the graphics are supported by Steno3D. Most notably, variable color data is not supported; only one-element data is currently allowed. Other unsupported aspects are different line/marker types, variable alpha data, camera/lighting, etc. After converting a MATLAB figure to a Steno3D Project, you may plot the project to ensure all the required features were converted.

If you would like to see additional support please submit an issue on github or consider contributing.


peaksProj = steno3d.convert(gcf);


See also steno3d.core.Project, steno3d.combine