Core ResourcesΒΆ

Command-line tools for building Steno3D objects from scratch

Steno3D Project:

steno3d.core.Project - Container of related Steno3D resources for plotting and uploading

Composite Resource Classes:

steno3d.core.Point - Low-level Steno3D Point resource

steno3d.core.Line - Low-level Steno3D Line resource

steno3d.core.Surface - Low-level Steno3D Surface resource

steno3d.core.Volume - Low-level Steno3D Volume resource

Mesh Classes:

steno3d.core.Mesh0D - Mesh for Steno3D Point resources

steno3d.core.Mesh1D - Mesh for Steno3D Line resources

steno3d.core.Mesh2D - Mesh for triangulated Steno3D Surface resources

steno3d.core.Mesh2DGrid - Mesh for gridded Steno3D Surface resources

steno3d.core.Mesh3DGrid - Mesh for Steno3D Volume resources

Data and Texture Classes:

steno3d.core.DataArray - Steno3D object to hold resource data

steno3d.core.Texture2DImage - Steno3D object to hold images and mapping to resources

Options/Binders/Base classes:

Options - Steno3D options for various classes

Data Binders - Binders to attach data to composite resources

steno3d.core.CompositeResource - Abstract base class for oPoint/Line/Surface/Volume

steno3d.core.UserContent - Abstract base class for other top-level classes