class steno3d.core.DataArray

Steno3D object to hold resource data

Data is stored as an array. It is bound to a composite resource using a data binder cell array. The length of the Array must correspond to the specified mesh geometry location (nodes or cell centers). For some types of meshes, this is straightforward (e.g. using Mesh0D the Array must be equal in length to the Vertices). For gridded meshes (Mesh2DGrid, Mesh3DGrid), the Array must be unwrapped in the correct order. By default, if you have a matrix of the correct shape [X-length, Y-length(, Z-length)], flattening with matrix(:) gives the correct order.

A DataArray can also be added to a resource through a high-level functional interface with steno3d.addData().

DataArray implements props.HasProps for dynamic, type-checked properties

Required Properties:

Array (props.Array) - Data corresponding to geometry of the mesh, Shape: {*, 1}, DataType: float

Order (props.String) - Data array order, for data on grid meshes, Choices: c, f, Default: ‘f’

Optional Properties:

Title (props.String) - Content title

Description (props.String) - Content description


See also steno3d.addData, steno3d.core.binders, steno3d.core.CompositeResource, steno3d.core.Texture2DImage