class steno3d.core.Mesh2DGrid

Mesh for gridded Steno3D Surface resources

This mesh provides the geometry for gridded Surface resources. The grid cell widths are given by two arrays H1 and H2. By default, these correspond to the x- and y-direction, respectively, and the surface exists as a horizontal plane. However, alternative U- and V-axis vectors can be defined to orient the plane in any direction.

In addition to setting the axes, the Mesh2DGrid can be given any origin point and can have node topography perpendicular to the surface (in the U-cross-V direction, z-direction by default). Mesh2DGrid has additional options to customize the appearance of the surface.

Mesh2DGrid implements props.HasProps for dynamic, type-checked properties

Required Properties:

H1 (props.Array) - Grid cell widths in the U-direction, Shape: {*, 1}, DataType: float

H2 (props.Array) - Grid cell widths in the V-direction, Shape: {*, 1}, DataType: float

O (props.Vector) - Origin point from which H1- and H2-axes extend, Shape: {1, 3}, DataType: float, Default: [0 0 0]

U (props.Vector) - Orientation of H1 axis, Shape: {1, 3}, DataType: float, Default: [1 0 0]

V (props.Vector) - Orientation of H2 axis, Shape: {1, 3}, DataType: float, Default: [0 1 0]

ZOrder (props.String) - Array ordering of Z, Choices: c, f, Default: ‘f’

Optional Properties:

Z (props.Array) - Node topography perpendicular to the surface, Shape: {*, 1}, DataType: float

Opts (props.Instance) - Options for the mesh, Class: Mesh2DOptions

Title (props.String) - Content title

Description (props.String) - Content description

See the %ref[EXAMPLES](steno3d.examples.core.surface)

See also steno3d.core.Surface, steno3d.core.opts.Mesh2DOptions