class steno3d.core.Point

Low-level Steno3D Point resource

Points are 0D resources. Their geometry is defined by a Mesh0D with Vertices. They may have Data defined on the vertices (nodes). There are several point options available for customizing the appearance.

Point resources can also be created through a high-level functional interface with steno3d.scatter().

Point implements props.HasProps for dynamic, type-checked properties

Required Properties:

Mesh (props.Instance) - Structure of the point resource, Class: Mesh0D

Optional Properties:

Data (props.Repeated) - Data defined on the point resource, Type: props.Instance (Class: PointBinder)

Textures (props.Repeated) - Images mapped to the point resource, Type: props.Instance (Class: Texture2DImage)

Opts (props.Instance) - Options for the point resource, Class: PointOptions

Title (props.String) - Content title

Description (props.String) - Content description


See also steno3d.scatter, steno3d.core.Mesh0D, steno3d.core.binders, steno3d.core.opts.PointOptions, steno3d.core.CompositeResource, steno3d.core.Project