class steno3d.core.Texture2DImage

Steno3D object to hold images and mapping to resources

Image textures are used to map data to a Steno3D resource in space without requiring an array that corresponds to geometry. Images must be PNG files (or MATLAB matrices that can be written as PNGs with imwrite). In addion to the image, Texture2DImage contains spatial location given by axes vectors U and V extending from an origin point.

The image is mapped on to the resource by projecting it out of the plane defined by the origin, U, and V, in a U-cross-V direction. Only Points and Surfaces support Texture2DImage; Lines and Volumes do not.

A Texture2DImage can also be added to a resource through a high-level functional interface with steno3d.addImage(). The function steno3d.surface() also allows creation of a surface with an image.

Texture2DImage implements props.HasProps for dynamic, type-checked properties

Required Properties:

U (props.Vector) - Vector corresponding to the image x-axis, Shape: {1, 3}, DataType: float, Default: [1 0 0]

V (props.Vector) - Vector corresponding to the image y-axis, Shape: {1, 3}, DataType: float, Default: [0 1 0]

O (props.Vector) - Origin point from which U- and V-axes extend, Shape: {1, 3}, DataType: float, Default: [0 0 0]

Image (props.Image) - PNG image file

Optional Properties:

Title (props.String) - Content title

Description (props.String) - Content description


See also steno3d.addImage, steno3d.surface, steno3d.core.Point, steno3d.core.Surface, steno3d.core.DataArray