Steno3D Example Scripts

Logging-In and Uploading to steno3d.com

upload - Steno3D upload examples

High-Level Plotting Functions

scatter - Examples to create a Steno3D Point resource

line - Examples to create a Steno3D Line resource

surface - Examples to create a gridded Steno3D Surface resource

trisurf - Examples to create a triangulated Steno3D Surface resource

volume - Examples to create a Steno3D Volume resource

Additional Functional Utilities

adddata - Examples adding data to existing resources

addimage - Examples adding image textures to existing resources

combine - Examples combining multiple projects

convert - Examples converting MATLAB figure/axes to Steno3D

Low-Level Core Resource Construction

project - Steno3D Project examples

point - Steno3D Point resource construction examples

line - Steno3D Line resource construction examples

surface - Steno3D Surface resource construction examples

volume - Steno3D Volume resource construction examples

data - Steno3D DataArray construction examples

texture - Steno3D Texture2DImage construction examples