Log in to steno3d.com to allow Steno3D Project uploads

steno3d.login() logs in to steno3d.com with the most recently saved API key and adds steno3d to your MATLAB path if it is not already added.

steno3d.login(apikey) logs in to steno3d.com with API key apikey requested by a Steno3D account holder from their profile. APIKEY may also be a username if the API key associated with that username is saved.

steno3d.login(..., parameter, value) logs in using the given parameter/value pairs. Avaliable parameters are:

CredentialsFile: string (default: ‘~/.steno3d_client/credentials’)
Path to file with saved API key. If a new API key is provided and the file does not yet exist, it will be created. Unless the default path is used, this will have to be provided on every login.
SkipCredentials: true or false (default: false)
If true, the API key will not be read from the CredentialsFile nor will it be saved. If false, the API key will be read from the CredentialsFile, and if a new API key is provided, it will be saved. Note: Even if SkipCredentials is true, the API key will be available in the current workspace and will persist in the MATLAB history. If you feel like your API key has become compromised you may delete it throuh your online profile.

Logging in to steno3d is required to upload projects to steno3d.com. To obtain an API developer key, you need a Steno3D account:


Then, you can request a devel key:


Unless you choose to ‘SkipCredentials’, your API key will be saved locally and read next time you call steno3d.login(). On login, Steno3D also checks that its version is up to date. If it is not, the user will be prompted to upgrade; an out of date version may or may not prevent a successful login.


steno3d.login('username//12345678-xxxx-yyyy-zzzz-SOMEDEVELKEY', ...
              'CredentialsFile', '~/Dropbox/steno3d_cred')
peaks; steno3d.upload(gcf);


See also steno3d.logout, steno3d.upload, upgradeSteno3D