Create and plot a triangulated Steno3D Surface resource

steno3d.trisurf(triangles, X, Y, Z) creates a Steno3D Project with a Surface resource of triangulated faces. The surface is defined by triangles, n x 3 matrix of vertex indices, and X, Y, and Z, equal-sized vectors of vertex coordinates.

steno3d.trisurf(triangles, vertices) creates a Steno3D Project with a Surface resource defined by triangles, n x 3 matrix of vertex indices, and vertices, m x 3 matrix of spatial coordinates.

steno3d.trisurf(..., color) creates a Surface resource of the given color, where color is a 1x3 RGB color, hex color string, named color string, or ‘random’.

steno3d.trisurf(..., title1, data1, ..., titleN, dataN) adds any number of titled datasets to the Surface resource. title must be a string and data must be an n x 1 or an m x 1 vector, where n is the number of triangles and m is the number of vertices. If m == n, the data location will default to triangles (to override this see steno3d.addData()).

steno3d.trisurf(project, ...) adds the Surface resource to project, an existing Steno3D Project. project may also be a figure or axes handle that was created by a Steno3D plotting function.

project = steno3d.trisurf(...) returns project, the Steno3D Project that contains the new Surface resource.

[project, SURFACE] = steno3d.trisurf(...) returns project, the Steno3D Project, and SURFACE, the new Surface resource.

steno3d.trisurf is useful in conjunction with MATLAB triangulation functions like convhull. Unlike the MATLAB builtin trisurf, steno3d.trisurf does not currently support triangulation objects, nor does it support any additional property/value pairs. After creating a Surface resource with steno3d.trisurf, properties of the Surface object can be directly modified.


x = [0 1 0 0]; y = [0 0 1 0]; z = [0 0 0 1];
tris = convhull(x, y, z);
[myProject, mySurface] = steno3d.trisurf(                       ...
    tris, x, y, z, 'r', 'Face Data', rand(4, 1)                 ...
mySurface.Title = 'Triangulated Surface';
mySurface.Description = 'Convex hull triangles';
myProject.Title = 'Project with one Surface';
myProject.Public = true;


See also steno3d.core.Surface, steno3d.upload, steno3d.addData, steno3d.addImage, steno3d.core.Project