Upload a figure, axes, or Steno3D Project to steno3d.com

steno3d.upload(handle) uploads Steno3D Project handle to steno3d.com. If handle is a figure or axes created by a Steno3D plotting function, the corresponding Project is uploaded. (Note: The the current state of the Project will be uploaded, including modifications that may not yet be reflected in the figure. You may wish to call plot() on the project prior to uploading to ensure all modifications are correct.) If handle is a figure or axes handle unassociated with a Steno3D Project, the figure or axes is converted to Steno3D using steno3d.convert() then uploaded.

steno3d.upload(handle, privacy) sets the privacy of the Steno3D Project on steno3d.com, where privacy is ‘public’ or ‘private’. If privacy is not specified, the Public boolean property of the Project handle is used. If that is not available, the default is ‘private’.

url = steno3d.upload(...) returns the url of the uploaded project. url may also be a cell array of urls if multiple projects are uploaded (for example, if a figure with multiple axes is converted to multiple projects).

The privacy setting determines the project’s visibility online. If it is set to ‘private’, only you, the owner, can view it initially. View, Edit, and Manage permissions can be granted through the web interface. However, the number of private projects is limited on certain plans. If the privacy is ‘public’, anyone can view the project on the public explore page. More information about plans is available online.


peaks; proj = steno3d.convert(gcf);
url = steno3d.upload(proj, 'private');


See also steno3d.convert, steno3d.core.Project, steno3d.login, steno3d.logout